See Yourself In The Best Light

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See Yourself In The Best Light

Picture this: You just woke up...You enjoy your first coffee  and have a little  breakfast before hopping in the shower.  You do your hair... put on some makeup... pick out your outfit and grab your bag.  You’re ready to go!  Except you’re not.  You get in your car and look in the rearview mirror  only to see yourself looking nothing like how you looked 5 minutes ago in your bathroom.  Ugh!!! 

The good news: It’s not your makeup skills or faulty product...It’s your lighting!!  The even better news: It’s an easy fix...and of course Luxe Light Studio to the rescue!

Lighting plays a HUGE role in how you see color, texture, and shadows so it only makes sense that your vanity lighting is extremely important, especially when the canvas is your face!  There are a few reasons why your at home look and your office look aren’t quite the same, and we’re here to help so you can see yourself in the best light, everywhere.


Lighting placement is something often overlooked during the building process.  It tends to be more standard to have fixtures placed above the vanity.  While this option offers lots of light, as well as lighting styles, it’s not always the most functional for “working” vanities (working vanities being where you do make up, shave, and so on!)

In these working vanities, we recommend opting for fixtures that go on either side of your mirror.  By having lighting placed on either side of your face, you’re getting an even light across your face, eliminating (unflattering) shadows and dark spots – shadows and dark spots that aren’t there once you leave your bathroom!

Even if you have a wide vanity with a long mirror, by placing two or more fixtures 36” to 40” apart, you’re going to get an even light, optimal for enhancing your beautiful features.